Wrap Around Edge Board

We offer premier solutions for safeguarding products in handling, transport, and storage.

The 360° Protector That Embraces Your Products

Tired of edges and corners bearing the brunt of shipping damage?

It’s time to wrap things up with Wrap-Around Edge Board, the innovative edge protector that literally embraces your products, providing a seamless shield against bumps, dings, and crushing forces.

Wrap-Around Edge Board: Protection That Goes the Extra Mile

Applications That Know No Bounds:

Available Sizes:

Custom Options:

Experience the Difference:

Wrap-Around Edge Board is more than just an edge protector. It’s a versatile, adaptable, and sustainable solution that offers unparalleled protection for a wide range of products. 

Contact us today to discover how it can revolutionize your packaging strategies and keep your products safe from every angle.

Don't let those edges go unprotected.

Embrace the power of Wrap-Around Edge Board and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your products are fully shielded, no matter where their journey takes them.